Hi there!

I'm Chris :-)

I'm a proud geek with a passion for marketing and product. 


I lived in San Francisco for a few years, where I learned a lot about the startup culture in the Valley. I helped create an iOS music-based social network and then led digital marketing for a top American English as a second language learning platform.


I am proud to participate directly in "women in tech" communities: I was the lead in Brazil for Technovation, the world's premiere program to attract young girls to tech careers.  I now lead digital marketing for Rolex, where I work to create a strong and consistent digital presence for the brand and its many retailers in Brazil.


My main goal now is to work with product at a company with a cool mission. I really like working with diverse teams and thrive in fast-paced environments that favor the "doer" mentality and offer the flexibility to wear several different hats.

Thanks for reading, hope we can chat soon!

I believe technology can make people’s lives better. I believe in the power of collaboration and communication. I believe we can change the world if we care enough.



Although I'm not particularly technical, I have done  a series of courses to learn the basics of front end development and product management.

This has allowed me to launch 2 different mobile apps in the past years: a social network for music recommendation; and a platform to connect students in collaboration with FAAP University.


 I see technology as a powerful tool not only to solve productivity problems but also as a means to change our reality. 

That's why I'm proud to fight for gender equality, empowering girls through technology and entrepreneurship.

Here are some memorable moments I had in the past years...          

Meeting with São Paulo's Secretary of Education Gabriel Chalita.

At Stanford University's FabLearn Conference, running the Workshop "How to empower girls to become tech entrepreneurs" to educators

Being granted a prize for the work with Technovation in Brasil by São Paulo's mayor Fernando Haddad.

Meeting at UNESCO's Office in Brasilia

Running a coding workshop at Facebook

Code workshop I ran with our team of volunteers at HP.

Sharing success with volunteers after an event we hosted at Google's office in São Paulo.

Panel Discussion at São Paulo Tech Week 2016: the importance of coding in schools


To learn more about Technovation, check out the movie CodeGirl. The documentary is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Lesley Chilcott (from "An Inconvenient Truth") and is available on Netflix. I was very proud to be part of the film, describing our work in Brazil!

"Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they'd like to go."

Seth Godin

Finally, it is important to mention that communicating with people really makes my days happier. I'm truly enthusiastic about bringing products, brands and people closer together through digital experiences.